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Monette Marino-Keita

World Percussion

Thu, Jan 6

Monette Marino began drumming in 1976 at the age of 9 when her father initiated her on his sparkle blue Ludwig drum set. For five years she spent most of her time after school in the garage learning from her father and playing along to the radio. But in 1981 her father gave her a lesson on the congas and it was at that moment that she fell in love with the skin on skin contact and began to immerse herself into the world of hand drumming and percussion.

Monette has explored many drumming systems from around the world and has a deep respect for the cultural heritage preserved and passed on through the language of the drum. She has played and recorded with many artists in San Diego and Los Angeles, and when she is not touring with husband Mamady Keita, she can be found teaching at TTM USA and drumming for various African and Afro-Cuban dance classes in San Diego.

The following musicians will be performing during the March 25th show:
myself – percussion and the kitchen sink!
Allan Phillips – keyboards
James East – bass
Mike Holguin – drums
Larry Mitchell – guitar
John Rekevics – sax, flute
Brad Steinwehe – trumpet
Nikki Campbell – percussion
Amadou Kouyate – kora (african harp)
GUEST ARTISTS (one song each):
Jose Serrano – guitar
Lew Cohen – guitar
Keli Ross M’au – steel drum
Tonga Ross M’au – steel drum
Merrick Marino – drum set
Jimmy Marino – percussion
Tommy Aros – percussion

Combines Tongan rhythms with reggae, blues, and rock.

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