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Tina Dico

Singer / Songwriter

Thu, Feb 10

Tina Dico is a Danish-born singer and songwriter inspired by artists such as Tracy Chapman, Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen.

She is best known for “The Storm That Brought You To Me,” a collaboration with Massive Attack that appears on the soundtrack to “Clash of the Titans.”

At a very young age, her father who owned a big Hi-Fi stereo system in their basement, introduced her to music but her own interest in playing music started in 8thgrade when she started a band that played a lot of Jimi Hendrix covers.

Although she starred in Danish TV shows in her early 20s, she put acting to the side since she didn’t like being typecast as a naive girl.

Instead, she went to college to study comparative religion, but soon quit to study at The Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus.

Known for her heavenly vocals and a poignant writing style, Dico eventually earned a Danish Grammy for Best Songwriter.

Although she had many record company offers, she chose to keep artistic control by releasing her debut EP on her own.

After moving to England in 2003, she hooked up with the downbeat Zero 7 and appeared on their2004 album, “When It Falls,” along with the accompanying tour.

Tina is a pioneer in finding unusual ways to finance her album, in one case selling off the handwritten lyrics to the songs on her album, “The Road To Gavle.”

At the end of 2009Tina moved back to Denmark, more specifically Copenhagen, and won the Gaffa-award for “Singer of the Year” third time in a row in 2009.

In February 2010 Tina won two Robert Awards. She won the award for “Best Score” and “Best Song” with the song ‘Rebel Song’.

“Talented, funny, good looks and a great performer – no it’s not my lonely hearts ad, it’s Tina Dico…. Tina Dico, the Danish songstress, woos from the opening chords of ‘Count To Ten’ to the last breath of her encore.” –Oli Clifford, BBC

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