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Jay Nash

CD Release Party
with Joey Ryan

Singer / Songwriter

Fri, Mar 11

Jay Nash is a singer/ songwriter who is best known for his work with artists like Tony Lucca, Colbie Caillat, Sara Bareilles, OneRepublic and Tyrone Wells.

Growing up in a small town outside Syracuse, New York, Nash’s mother was a piano teacher and his father a rabid fan of rock n roll and played piano and saxophone.

At the age of 12 Nash had a chance encounter with a cassette tape containing a live Grateful Dead performance on one side and Cat Stevens’ Greatest Hits on the other. Other early inspirations included Dylan, Springsteen and Petty.

“I suddenly felt a connection to something like I¹d never felt before … much bigger and more powerful than I had previously experienced,” he says.

After his high school days in upstate New York, Nash found himself at the University of Vermont where he earned a degree in Civil Engineering.

Towards the end of his time there, he began writing music before wandering on to New York City, Jackson Hole and finally settling in Los Angeles.

While in Los Angeles, Jay Nash’s career took shape. He established a residency at Bar F2, which eventually became Room 5. He not only played there but also booked the music seven nights a week. That tiny room on La Brea Avenue became a home away from home not only for him but also soon-to-be major label artists and more. Room 5 soon attracted media interest, big crowds and the Hollywood A-List. Nash progressed to performing at Hotel Cafe, which has spawned its own musical community.

From there, he began a touring schedule that included up to 200 dates a year and has not slowed down since.

Jay Nash has put out a series of independent studio releases including ‘Open Late¹ (2002); ‘Nine’ (2004), a compilation of demos; the autobiographical ‘A Stream Up North’ (2004), one of two companion albums he recorded with Joe Purdy; ‘The North LaBrea All-Star Conquistadors,’ a CD that also included fellow singer-songwriters Garrison Starr and Gabriel Mann; ‘Some Kind of Comfort’ (2005), ‘Over You’ (2007), ‘The Things You Think You Need’ (2008) and ‘All the Stars in Copenhagen’ (2009).

His current album, ‘Diamonds and Blood’, was recorded at Phantom Vox Studios in Los Angeles. “All in all,” says Nash, “I recorded with an all-star dream band.” Chris Seefried produced and two-time-Grammy-winner, Seth Atkins Horan, engineered. Performers include David Immergluck (guitars, mandolin, lap steel) and Charlie Gillingham (piano and B3 organ) of the Counting Crows. Don Heffington (Bob Dylan, Lucinda Williams) and Jamie Wollam (Jackson Browne) shared the drums and percussion duties. Chris Joyner (Ray LaMontagne, Rickie Lee Jones) played keys.

Rob Wasserman (Ratdog, Bob Weir) plays bass, and offered his genius sense of musicality. “The very first concert that I attended as a teenager without the supervision of an adult was Bob Weir and Rob Wasserman at the 1992 New York State Fair. So I was basically freaking out just to be in the same room as him.”

On the subdued, yet powerful, ‘Golden State Goodnight’, Nash is accompanied by Kenneth Pattengale and Sara Watkins (Nickel Creek) in a heartfelt farewell to the place that he loved so much for the last nine years. Jay Nash’s sultry, burlap-meets-silk vocals truly distinguish him. His music is captivating in its delivery of raw emotion. Inevitably, an ever-growing audience is appreciating Nash for his inimitable style and his passion for his simple yet pure art form.

“Nash has one of those smoky voices, profound and full, that gives his songs a lot of personality. He sounds older and wiser then his age, and it grants credibility to his music. With most tracks Nash conveys a confident attitude that is fun and entertaining. The lyrics are rich and personal, and the album comes together almost as a journal of personal experience. They are heartfelt songs, expressing emotions that are easily identifiable, and they touch something deep inside the listener.” –Blogcritics.org

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