Erika Davies & Burt Brion

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Erika Davies

The newly recorded album from Miss Erika Davies is now available!

A few words about the new album “Galaxy Lakes”.

Recorded both in a quiet home setting and professional studios, Galaxy Lakes has been documented. It exists as an account of the internal to external manifestation of Miss Erika Davies’ emotional takes on love and life, as viewed through the eyes of someone pondering nostalgia and pining for a future just as classic.

Careful to be as raw and yet refined as one could polish, Galaxy Lakes pushes its way up through the earth presenting songs ranging from her early morning ukulele serenades to tracks with fleshed out orchestral undertones.

The highly anticipated album “Galaxy Lakes” is complete. Packaging for each CD is hand-made by Erika herself using recycled chipboard wallets paired with four 4 by 4 matte photos and they are exquisite.

Also available is “Creecho Habecktoe”, Erika’s first release including some beautiful standards laced with her own creations. “Creecho” is hand-made to the order by Erika as well- so get in on the album that started Miss Davies’ adventures.

Burt Brion

Burt Brion is a smooth jazz keyboardist who first came to attention in 2006 and his star has been rising since then. Known for writing melodies that are intricate, interesting and memorable, he prides himself on bringing fun to his music.

He has been described as a mix of Dave Grusin and Spyro Gyra, with a touch of Mike Post.

For many years, this Detroit-native-turned-So Cal transplant made a living playing at churches and gigs around town, but his music really came to the forefront when he went blind for a few years due to an auto-immune disorder.

Now he is following his muse and the world is happier for it.

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WED 9/19, 7:00pm click to purchase tickets
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“Burt Brion’s show is high energy, entertaining and musically excellent!” — Noreen Ippollito, Clear Channel Radio

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