Federico Aubele

Latin Singer / Songwriter


Federico Aubele is an Argentine singer/songwriter with an international following who creates music that incorporates a variety of styles including downtempo electronica, dub reggae, tango, and bolero.

Aubele moved to Berlin in 2001 and was signed to Eighteenth Street Lounge (ESL) Music, the label of Thievery Corporation. He made his recording debut in 2003 with a trio of double-sided 10″ vinyl releases: “Postales”, “Contigo”, and “Esta Noche”.

The full-length album “Gran Hotel Buenos Aires” followed in 2004 and included each of his previously released songs along with new material.

Thievery Corporation is credited with production and, the album, particularly its dub basslines and downtempo ambience, sounds similar in tone to the duo’s own work.

Featured vocalists include Sumaia O and Gabriela Mairu, who sing several songs each, as well as Aubele himself.

2007’s “Panamericana”, a departure from “Gran Hotel Buenos Aires,” showcases a stronger singer/songwriter element and less of an electronica influence.

Aubele played most of the instruments and sang half the songs, with Natalia Clavier singing the other half.

He has played the Austin City Limits Music Festival and his songs have featured in shows like “Alias” and the John Leguizamo movie “The Take”.

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““[Aubele] surrounds his downtempo beats, delicate acoustic guitar figures…and a rich tapestry of sounds and tones. Pushing flamenco and various styles of Latin music to the fore, he also draws upon dub and ambient, and it’s the grace of this hip fusion that puts Aubele up there with such genre benders as Manu Chao and the Gotan Project”” – Tad Hendrickson

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