Rene Marie

Jazz Vocalist


With the success she’s had, it’s nearly impossible to believe that RENE MARIE never sang in public until past her 40th birthday.

Married at 18 and a mother of 2 by 23, her abusive husband never allowed her to sing outside the home. That didn’t stop her eldest son from urging her to pursue a career in music. What followed was an ultimatum from her husband to choose marriage or singing, and she left her home.

What followed was the stuff of dreams: a recording contract within months and critical acclaim from national news organizations She released her first album, Renaissance, at the age of 42.

A child of the Civil Rights era, Marie grew up in the segregated south, where both of her teacher parents were activists. Her lyrics are powerful and often politically tinged. Her latest release, “Voice of My Beautiful Country,” interprets and re-imagines both patriotic songs and tunes Marie sees as representing America’s personality.

TUE 6/28, 7:30pm click to purchase tickets

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““Why wouldn’t anyone love Rene? She is everything a jazz vocalist should be. She’s passionate, soulful, obedient to the rhythm, true to tone and looks great in a black dress.”” – Matt Mathis, Richmond Times-Dispatch

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