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THE LONG RUN was formed in Los Angeles in 1999 by a group of well-rounded professional musicians with a love of harmony and a deep respect for one of the greatest rock bands of all time. After months of painstaking preparation rehearsing a long list of The Eagles’ chart-topping hits, The Long Run set out to win over audiences across the country. Their strategy was to provide the most authentic live performance.

They quickly became regarded as the finest Eagles tribute band in the country. Consistently, they delivered the lush harmonies and rich instrumental arrangements that made The Eagles such an unforgettable part of rock and roll history. The Long Run continues to successfully blend the classic Eagles sound into their own genuine live performance style, delighting audiences young and old with faithful recreations of some of the best music ever written.

The Long Run is formed by:

Gary Grantham
Chris Varosy
Jim Wooten
Berto Z
Galo Pacheco
Chris Sobkowich
Tom Sweeney
Gary Richardi
Scott Richards

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Dedicated to faithfully recreating the timeless music of The Eagles.

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