Keoki Kahumoku and James Hill

Ukulele Masters


5-time Grammy slack key winner, Hawaiian singer & ukulele master Keoki Kahumoku, & unlikely Ukulele sensation James Hill from Canada join forces for one amazing show. Kahumoku, a fifth generation slack key guitarist, is considered one of the top five Ukulele players on the planet. Hill plays a stunning array of Ukuleles covering bluegrass, Jazz, folk, gospel and more.

Kahumoku started playing professionally in 1992 and once he saw how people reacted to the music he played with his father and uncle, he wanted to share the rich musical heritage of Hawaiian music with the world. He started teaching the young people in Maui to play and started the Annual Youth Ukulele Players Contest.

Kahumoku has released several solo albums and has been featured on many recordings for other albums. When he’s not recording or teaching, he farms, hunts and tends to his mountains.

Born nearly three thousand miles east of Honolulu, James Hill took mandatory ukulele lessons in his British Columbia elementary school. He fell in love with the instrument and, during his teenage years, played in the renowned Langley Ukulele Ensemble.

His most recent recording, “True Love Don’t Weep”, is his first full-length collaboration with cellist Anne Davison. The unlikely pair creates sweet, sorrowful music. Hill’s music is played regularly on CBS and NPR and he has made appearances on MTV, The Tony Danza Show and more.

Kahumoku and Hill share the stage at Anthology on June 2.

THU 6/2, 7:30pm click to purchase tickets

click to purchase tickets

“I remember the first time I heard Jimi Hendrix… He did things with an electric guitar that I hadn’t imagined, hadn’t thought possible. James Hill does that with the ukulele.” – David Kidney, The Green Man Review

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