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The Rasputina group has existed for more than 20 years. Melora Creager founded it to meet like-minded young women (excellent cellists that wanted to play rock music and wear historical costumes). Although often mistakenly lumped into passing fancies, Rasputina manages to survive and defy categorization by maintaining a child-like delight in music-making alongside a clear & true integrity.

Rasputina has made something like 8 albums. It’s hard to count. Do live recordings count as albums? And what about rarity compilations? In addition to Rasputina albums, Melora Creager has released a number of limited edition short-works. All this can be found in the Discography.

ANCIENT HistorY:: Rasputina has relentlessly toured the US often for many years. Melora was Nirvana’s cellist on their final tour in Europe. In the 1890’s, Rasputina had a touring & recording association with Marilyn Manson that was fun for them.

Current members are:

Daniel DeJesus – cellist and vocalist extraordinaire, 3 year Gold-Star Rasputina member.
Melora Creager – founder & directress, cello, voice, banjo & etc.
Dawn Miceli – celebrity podcaster in her own right , percussion/singer.

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“Rasputina sounds curiously ultramodern and ancient simultaneously, its songs belonging both to its own time and to no time at all.” – SF Weekly

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