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Connie Lim doesn’t need any gimmicks to win you over. Armed simply with heartfelt lyrics and the purest of vocals, her music is a breath of fresh air. Reminiscent of artists like Feist, Norah Jones, Imogen Heap and Regina Specktor, Connie writes songs with genuine artistic passion that make an instant emotional connection. Connie brings a singular focus to her work: “Everyone deserves beautiful moments and I want that to shine through in my music”.

As a child, Connie was quirky and shy. She began writing short piano compositions at age eight, and spent most of her childhood overcoming stage fright. “The rush of pushing myself to do something I was so scared to do became addicting.” From elementary to high school, Connie sang in the choir and various acapella groups while working to overcome abusive relationships and fighting a battle with anorexia. “I am a perfectionist who can drive myself into the ground when I set my mind to do something. Writing music was my escape to freedom from internal and external pressures.”

Connie spent hours upon hours recording songs using the FL Studio program on her dad’s laptop, posting the recordings on MySpace where she connected with an audience. “That was the beginning of the rest of my life. The possibilities were limitless and I finally gained the confidence to share my music.”

But rather than pursuing her talents, Connie followed in her family’s footsteps and enrolled pre-med at UC Berkley. “It never felt quite right. I wanted to pursue the arts, but never thought it was an option for me.” Connie often found herself in the dormitory basement’s piano, playing music between study breaks. While trying to find her purpose, she also found her voice. She recruited some classmates, formed a band, and began playing live around town as much as possible.

In November of 2007, Connie recorded and released her first EP entitled “Shifting,” a simple, honest record that focused on the changes that happen in life. A move to Los Angeles proved a bigger playground for Connie, and, in July 2010, she released her second EP, “The Hunted,” a stronger, more experimental record that saw her music move into the realm of social awareness. “I heard about the anti-gay legislation in Uganda and I wrote The Hunted in an attempt to give them an anthem” admits Connie.

Connie has now signed with Nashville-based record label, DigSin. In February 2012, she will release her debut single, “LA City”, a beautiful and delicate love song filled with hope. The lush sounds of the piano and synth combined with Connie’s stunning voice inevitably takes the listener on the same romantic journey that inspired the song.

After spending many years fighting for her dream, Connie says that she is finally doing what she has wanted to all along: “Despite what many loved ones told me to do, I never let myself consider a backup plan. I’ve known that the career of an artist was my calling all along.”

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“… a brilliant voice that is both vulnerable and mighty” –

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