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MIKE DOUGHTY is an indie/alternative rock singer/songwriter. He is best known for his songs, “Looking at the World from the Bottom of a Well” and “I Hear the Bells”, which were both featured on prominent television shows Grey’s Anatomy and Veronica Mars.

Doughty grew up constantly moving with his family, as they were a military family. He eventually moved to New York City to study poetry at the New School. In 1992, Doughty founded his band, Soul Coughing, and released two singles, “Super Bon Bon” and “Circles”.

In 2000, Doughty broke up the band, and they were dropped from Warner Brothers. A few years following that, Doughty started touring as a solo artist. In the three years that he spent touring the country with his acoustic act, Doughty sold 20,000 copies of his record, Skittish, that was originally rejected by Warner Brothers in 1996.

At the Bonaroo Music Festival in 2004, Doughty ran into Dave Matthews. Matthews released Doughty’s next album on his ATO label as “Haughty Melodic”, an anagram for “Michael Doughty”. The single, “Looking at the World From the Bottom of a Well” received heavy airplay in 2005. He also opened for Dave Matthews Band and appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman.

To date, Mike Doughty has released 9 solo albums in addition to EPs, and re-releases. His latest album, Yes and Also Yes, was released in August of 2011, and has received much critical acclaim. Doughty is also working to release a book about his battle with drug addiction titled, “The Book of Drugs” in 2012.

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“‘Sad Man Happy Man’ is essential listening for anyone who has ever liked anything Mike Doughty has ever touched. It’s a bold, stripped down record exhibiting the best of the writer at his essence.” – ABCNews.com

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