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Candyrat Guitar Night

Indie Rock


From traditional fingerstyle guitar to enthralling and creative original compositions, Candyrat Guitar Night showcases the awe-inspiring guitar stylings of Antoine Dufour, Stefano Barone, Gareth Pearson, Craig D’Andrea, Peter Ciluzzi and Ewan Dobson.

Antoine Dufour

An emerging young star of fingerstyle acoustic guitar, Antoine Dufour continues to grow his reputation worldwide with US, European and Canadian tours, performing at The Montreal International Jazz Festival and Canadian Guitar Festival. With 22 million views on YouTube, 4 albums and two live DVDs, Dufour is a marvel to see – his ravenous fanbase can’t seem to get enough.

Stefano Barone

Growing up in Naples, Italy, Stefano Barone studied classical piano, but as he grew into his own, he picked up a guitar and never looked back. Experimenting with rock, pop and blues, he honed his talent and finally decided to dedicate himself to solo acoustic guitar. His first album, Particolare#uno, is a complex execution of American Minimalism.

Gareth Pearson

Welsh guitarist, Gareth Pearson, may be fresh out of his teens, but he is already considered a genius in the field of finger style guitar. An exuberant performer, Pearson brings his music to life as he dances around the stage while executing complex finger works. His musical taste ranges from traditional classical guitar to Michael Jackson. He has toured around the world and performed at such notable events as the Montreal Jazz Festival, and the Canadian Guitar Festival.

Craig D’Andrea

As a third grader, Craig D’Andrea picked the cello when his elementary school implemented mandatory music lessons. When it was discovered that he had been playing by ear for 3 years and could not read music, he was forced to quit the cello. When his music teacher taught him that the guitar could stand alone, he began composing music using MIDI sequencing software. After a 2007 first place finish at the Canadian Fingerstyle Championship, he has toured the United States and Canada.

Peter Ciluzzi

Peter Ciluzzi’s love of the guitar is rooted not only in the music it makes, but its very construction. His debut release “Music Without Words” was written and performed in its entirety on a guitar that Ciluzzi built by hand. His haunting melodies and layered texture create a lush and original sound.

Ewan Dobson

With clear influences from his early days playing heavy metal and hard rock, Ewan Dobson has introduced bluegrass, techno, and folk to his repertoire – creating a technically refined and unique sound. After winning first place in nearly every classic guitar competition in Canada and releasing 2 albums, Dobson has established himself as a brilliant and creative artist.

FRI 5/6, 7:30pm click to purchase tickets

click to purchase tickets

click to purchase tickets

”The youthful Antoine Dufour’s..style packs a rock band’s punch behind extraordinary fluency and features highly effective flamenco-like percussion and deftly reflective melodies as well as urgent, nimble picking.” -Rob Adams The Herald

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