East Bay Soul Feat. Greg Adams

Funk Jazz

The sound of Greg Adams is one of the world’s best-known musical signatures. For nearly four decades, from the time he first arrived on the San Francisco Bay Area music scene of the early ‘70s, Greg has been a driving force to define artistry that transcends musical genres

East Bay Soul is a combination of instrumental soul, funk jazz and rhythm and blues vocals built on a design to discover new achievements rather than extend the past.

Delivered with passion and spirit equal to the flow of his horn, the mega funk East Bay Soul is the brainchild of Grammy and Emmy nominated trumpeter Greg Adams. Along with multi talented vocalist Darryl Walker and a most soulful ensemble creates a union that has been nothing short of musically miraculous. Their tight horn-filled rhythms are caressed by vocals that convey the dawning of an R&B renaissance in this generation.

Adams is a founding member of Tower of Power. Legendary for the horn arrangements that created its resonance and made Tower of Power one of the most enduring musical entities today. Greg’s musical compositions made the TOP horn section sought out all on it’s own. Walker’s seldom-matched intoxicating vocals associated with his ability to interpret classic soul songs that he truly makes his own makes him a powerful performer. Look for signature pieces that have been arranged and sung by this musically dynamic combination. Add the incredibly magnetic Michael Paulo and the equation goes world class.

Completing the ensemble is a band that has toured together for 10 years and played with numerous luminary artists. The band has Johnnie Bamont on alto, tenor, baritone saxophones and flute, Sean Billings on trumpet, Joey Navarro on keyboards and B3 organ, Dwayne Smittty Smith on bass, James Wirrick on guitar, Herman Mathews on drums and Johnny Sandoval on percussion. Their ten soulful members and music extravaganza will remind you of what you love most about music.

With the release of East Bay Soul, Greg has made an urbane, soulful and lush recording that showcases the full strength of the rhythm and horn section through his arrangements. As a trumpet player, Adams alternates between a powerful open horn and sexy muted trumpet revealing the breadth and elegance he embodies.

The sound has it’s roots in the uniquely soul based genre associated with the San Francisco East Bay Area. It is however, R&B for our time. Watch and hear this band and you will find yourself in front of the stage and people will be moving with the music. The timeless quality of the East Bay Soul sound knows no age limits.

When great musicians who have shared several significant music accomplishments together unite on a performance stage you never know what will happen next! Add the benefit of vision, musical “know how” and the insight that comes through genuine affection, respect and friendship and you have a recipe for making memories and some primetime music history.

This new band East Bay Soul has something new to say, and you will be glad you got the message!


When East Bay Soul hits the stage be ready to funk your world!

FRI 7/29, 7:30pm click to purchase tickets
click to purchase tickets
“The group presents contemporary jazz with a big dose of R&B, just the right mixture to let you dance & groove.” – smooth-jazz.de

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