Keiko Matsui

"Lites Out Jazz" Hosted by Kelly Cole

Contemporary Jazz Piano

Interview with Keiko Matsui

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Experience the fusion of jazz styles in the new age undertones of KEIKO MATSUI as she makes her return to Anthology. The Tokyo-born keyboardist began developing her craft at age five and has grown it into a career spanning two decades. An accomplished composer, Matsui’s music blends Eastern and Western influences with many references to nature.

Her career spans three decades and over 20 albums starting with A Drop of Water, with an east meets west jazz flavor, and evolving to her 2007 release, Walls of Akendora, a smooth jazz album.

In 2011, Matsui released her record, “The Road”. The record built on her earlier work while expanding her contemporary jazz sound.

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“If you have never experienced the magic that is Keiko, deny yourself no longer. Go as soon as she comes to your town… or go to another town and see her. Just see her!
You’ll view smooth jazz in a whole new light.” –

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