Luscious Noise

with members of the San Diego Symphony


Sun, Jan 16

Luscious Noise is a revolutionary experiment in classical music. Conductor John Stubbs wants to prove that Beethoven and Bach can sound as good in a club as in a concert hall. Besides featuring San Diego’s top classical musicians, this multi-media event sometimes features ballet dancers or classic film clips on screen.

The latest news on Luscious Noise is … “The future of live classical music” is returning to Anthology on Sunday, January 16. Led by producer/conductor John Stubbs, the Luscious ensemble featuring members of the San Diego Symphony will commemorate Twenty Eleven by incorporating a bit of live dance and vocalise. Guest soprano Diane Alexander will perform Rachmaninov’s “Vocalise” — a melodic vocal exercise using musical scales, while guest dancer (yet to be announced) will perform “Things Unsaid” (with choreography by Amanda Daly) to the Sarabande from Bach’s 4th Cello Suite. Symphony members will perform Vivaldi’s “Winter” among other works.

Over the last year, audiences and media have zeroed-in on what was initially an experiment to see how audiences would respond to hearing live classical music in a relaxed social setting. Virtually an overnight success, the experiment went on to become a bi-monthly production held exclusively at Anthology supper club.

During Luscious Noise’ first performance series which ran from November 2009 – October 2010, Stubbs introduced a theme with each program. Not this year. Stubbs has adopted a more free-form direction this time around. Shedding some light on the subject, Stubbs shares, “I’m inspired by the molecular gastronomy movement. It’s more about surprising your palate with unusual combinations of taste.”

The first movement of Ravel’s String Quartet in F major, which will be performed by the Busoni Quartet, was widely criticized and rejected by the Conservatoire de Paris. Master composer Claude Debussy on the other hand praised the piece. Ravel’s piece is an early achievement which led to his rise to fame and the piece becoming one of the most widely performed chamber music works in classical music.

On January 16, symphony members will also perform the last movement of Olivier Messiaen’s “Quartet for the End of Time” (“Quatuor Pour la Fin du Temps” en Français) which premiered in 1941 and was inspired by the Book of Revelation. The French composer wrote the composition while in transit to a concentration camp after being captured by the German army during World War II.

• A film excerpt from Wim Wenders 1987 romantic fantasy “Wings of Desire” (“Der Himmel über Berlin” meaning “The Sky over Berlin”). The film is about two angels wandering in post-war Berlin. Upon falling in love with a mortal, one angel longs to become human again. With Bruno Ganz, Solveig Dommartin, and Peter Falk.
• Opera footage of baritone Albert Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau; considered the most recorded singer of all time and one of the supreme vocal artists of the 20th century.

“As always… Brilliant!” — Ricardo Hiroshi Minoda, Campinas, Sao Paulo
“I was impressed to see the venue so well attended; the music was marvelous, and the food — superb! — Corina Easley, Central Coast, CA
“Looking forward to many more performances!” — Alyssa Lottie Virker, San Diego, CA

• “Luscious Noise is unlike anything ever presented at Anthology.” — Valerie Scher, San Diego News Network/
• “Classical music goes clubbing at Anthology.” — John Lydon, Union-Tribune
• “They held the house in rapt-attention and were rewarded with the biggest applause of the evening!” — Rob Appel, San Diego Theatre Scene
• “Impressario John Stubbs and his fabulous orchestra, rife with prime SDS musicians.” — Charlene Baldridge, San Diego Theatre Scene
• “…there is probably no more enjoyable way to hear live classical music…” — Christian Hertzog,

Luscious Noise · Sunday, January 16, 2011 at 7:30pm
All ages welcome. Space is limited.
Anthology · 1337 India Street · San Diego, CA 92101
Tickets $10 – $20 · Call 619.595.0300 or visit

San Diego Symphony members will be tuned-up for more Luscious Noise at Anthology on March 20 and May 15, 2011

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